Our Work

It has been fun for all of us here at Double Quills as we established good working relationships with the following clients and successfully completed satisfactory work for them.
Add your name to this steadily growing list of clients and allow us to create awesome content for you!


FIX8 Home Concierge

Fix8 approached us in the first week of the launch of Double Quills back in late November. They are a company providing home concierge and lifestyle services, and had wanted to plump up their business blog with informative and relevant articles that would be published on a regular basis. As of December 2016, we have already written over 70 articles for them. You can read the articles that are already published at the Fix8 website.

Aiden Real Estate

We are currently the Website Content Manager for Aiden Real Estate, a website dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date Singapore property news. We update the site on a daily basis with informative and easy-to-read articles. Keep up with the latest on the real estate market by visiting Aiden Real Estate (just a click away).



Extending from our cooperation with Fix8, we recently started working with Facilit8te to provide content for their company blog and a condo and community app that will be launched in April 2017. The articles that we have written thus far mainly contains information on MCST and condo living for both property managers as well as residents. As much of the content that we have done for them will be featured in the upcoming app, there has only been one article published by facilit8te on their blog for now. 

Nostralux lighting

A company based in the UK, Nostralux sells lighting fixtures and accessories via their e-commerce online shop. Our work for them involved rewriting the descriptions for every product that they had for sale so that each was unique and engaging. There was over 200 items in total and the entire project was completed in 5 days. Head over to their company site to have a look at the work done.

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Kate & Paul Organics

We have written numerous articles for Kate & Paul Organic Skincare since we started working with them in January 2017. The focus of our cooperation with Kate & Paul is to provide them with articles related to skincare and cosmetics that they will post on their company blog to share with their clientele. Read the articles that we have worked on for Kate & Paul by clicking on the link below.