The Importance Of Quality Content For Your Business

Content is all around us: it is in the form of facebook statuses when you load up your timeline, blog posts that others share (“10 Absurd Stories Waiters Have Heard On The Job”, “My Time Spent Travelling Alone For A Year”, “Why I Left My Family For A Younger Man”) and the latest news about how Trump is doing on his latest presidential tour. We wake up and fall asleep absorbing… content.

Technology has made it easier for us to receive news and information at the same rate that it is being released. As such, content that we put out, that which represents our business and image has to be up-to-date and genuine. Other than providing your readers and potential customers with relevant information and a fun read, what other benefits does regularly publishing content offer you?

1)      Improved ranking on Google

It is a Google world out there in cyberspace and if you own a business or blog that you are dying to launch into the “HOT” mesosphere, then your ranking on the Google search engine is everything and more! One of the more effective ways of having your site rank higher on the Google search engines is by having regularly published content. This shows that your site/blog is “current” and “in business”, and very much helpful in providing the latest information and news. Of course, spam and nonsensical blog posts and articles are a no-no because the Google bots are brilliant in identifying the ‘fakers’ and your site will be demoted into the page 14 to 17 in search results… if you’re lucky (take note, you could find your site much, much, much further away).


2)      Reel in your readers and followers

Imagine someone browsing the internet for something random, they happen to click on a link that you have published on your business website and find that article or blog post interesting and enlightening. Great content has that effect on people – it lingers in their mind and leaves them wanting more. So, they bookmark your site or proceed to browse the rest of it, and voila! Your business has been found. You neither spent a cent on marketing in order to attain that one potential customer, nor did you spend any time in sending emails, making phone calls or distributing fliers. All you did was publish that one fantastic article that one time and it was enough for you to start building your customer base and followers. Now, all you have to do is ensure that you published great content regularly so that your readers will return to your site.

3)      A way to prove that you know your shit

Before a client hires you, they have to know if you can do the job competently. You can spend hours and hours on a beautifully-crafted Powerpoint slideshow and litter your business presentation with fancy lingo but that is not going to be what clinches the job for you. By having a portfolio of content that your business has published over the months or years filled with useful information and thought-provoking insights into the industry that your business specializes in will show that you know your shit and that you are an expert in the field.

In a nutshell, content is imperative to a successful marketing campaign and there are definitely more pros than cons to incorporating quality content into your business website or blog. Getting the right content isn’t difficult at all; just ask our clients who have benefitted from Double Quills providing them with top-notch work and professionalism that is unrivaled.